Registration Agreement

General Rules

1. No Flaming/Abusive Behaviour
Posts that have no actual purpose other than to cause trouble between an individual or individuals will be removed. Holo Federation appreciates jokes and heated discussion, but general abusiveness and attacks on other people will not be tolerated.

2. Adult Material/Explicit Content
These boards are not age restricted and as such there are minors that make use of these boards. Posting material that would be inappropriate for younger eyes and some of our users will result in it's removal and further action if necessary.

3. Illegal Material/Warez
Posting of or discussion of content that is illegal in certain territories is not allowed on these boards. This includes content that would be considered in violation of copyright law or is in some way digital piracy. The ability to download tv shows, films and computer games over the internet from a non-licensed source (Apple iTunes or Steam being examples of licensed sources) would constitute the discussion of such materials and will not be taken lightly.

4. Advertising
Please refrain from spamvertising for your own group or website. Light advertising is permitted, however it is on the condition that it is not over the top and does not conflict with other rules.

5. Impersonation
Seriously impersonating another member of this Community or any other is not funny, nor is it acceptable - regardless of context.

Disclaimer; The HoloFederation Administration reserves the right to edit, delete or move posts that we find unacceptable or against the rules stated here.


  • We wish to hear your thoughts and opinions - feedback and questions are always welcome.
  • Holo Federation is primarily an English speaking group, as such please respect our member base by posting in English.
  • When it comes to swearing, we are pretty relaxed and we feel that our members are mature enough to know when and when not to swear. As such, swearing is allowed on the condition it does not interfere with any of the above rules.
  • Most importantly, have fun.

Finally, these rules and guidelines are subject to change. It is your responsibility to keep up to date and to be aware of the current rules and guidelines. While we will do our best to keep you informed of changes made, we recommend you check the rules regularly.